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Ready4life Christian Counseling desires for any person or family to get the help that they need regardless of their situation, therefore we make every effort to not deny anyone because of inability to pay.
In order to ensure that services are available for those unable to pay, clients are asked to pay according to their ability and guidelines below.

Annual Income Regular Session:
                                $0-20K     -   $25 per session
                                $21-35K   -   $50 per session
                                $36-45K   -   $70 per session
                                $46-55K   -   $85 per session
                                $56K+       -   $100 per session

Please note that the A.P.S. has a one time separate flat rate charge of $40.00 per person to have it administered. It is NOT included in the sliding scale.

It is my heart's desire that money never stand in the way of good counseling. I also believe that my counselees are well aware of what they can afford. So I rarely request proof of income. I only suggest that you glance at the chart to the left. These are my suggestions for what you might contribute depending on your income.
Fee Options
If you would like to pay for your session with credit or debit card, please use the "Buy Now" button below.  You will be presented with two options: 1.) Pay by using your PayPal account; 2.) Pay by using your card.